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OWBBS history


Online World BBS was a single line dial-up BBS, originally running from 1991 through 1995.  Originally named, Derby Line Link, the BBS had a unique calling area, covering towns in both Vermont, USA and Quebec, Canada.  

The original hardware was a Sanyo luggable XT-compatible PC, with a 15 Megabyte hard drive.

OWBBS today


In 2022, OWBBS was resurrected as a telnet system running Mystic BBS on a Raspberry Pi 3.  Our goal is to provide a small community for BBS enthusiasts to reconnect with their past. 

OWBBS has several of the original doors games which were active on this very BBS so many years ago. We plan to also rejoin old networks, such as Fidonet, and new networks including fsxNet.

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